I will miss, Glenn Branca

I did not understand the electric guitar and see/hear what a beautiful and perfect instrument it is, until I heard Glenn Branca. I have always enjoyed listening to Link Wray, Lou Reed, and Neil Young, however the electric guitar seemed like it should be or had to be part of a rock band (or some kind of band), one part of many other parts. Branca changed my way of thinking and created a new path for the electric guitar that I love, and I love Branca for showing me this path. Branca said, fuck those people who say you should make music to sound a certain way, make music the way you want it to sound, make music that inspires you. I will miss Glenn Branca. RIP




Music + Recording + Image + Design + Publishing
Jim Ward Morris : Bellingham WA 2017

Vintage-analog baritone electric guitar, bass keyboard and drums, vintage tube amplifiers, vintage microphones, and analog high-speed (15 ips) 1/2 inch reel to reel magnetic tape machines were used to make these recordings : Original analog recording tapes were converted to a digital Waveform Audio File Format (WAV) for internet and online social media objectives : During the digital playback of these recordings (for the best listening experience) use high-quality speakers or headphones.

Jim Jarmusch : I love variation and repetition in art and music. I love repeated things, whether it is in Bach or Andy Warhol. I like to make films of little structure : A metaphor of each day, every day is a variation of the day before. It’s a Buddhist thing to be accepting, just letting things be as they are, no answers. There is a poetic rhyme and reason to simple ordinariness. There is pleasure in the repetitive.


Sarah Vowell and Ira Glass produced a story that aired on the program This American Life that included the music by Jim Ward Morris exclusively. The title of the show was "The End Of The World"
select the link below to hear this chapter

Jim Ward Morris Music on This American Life

Jim Ward Morris King Street Studio 2016 image #18

Huggins J W Morris King Street Studio 2016 image #17

Huggins looks great as the artist's son. Art school may be in his future.


Hobie Alter

Hobie Alter
(typography & design Jim Ward Morris / photo © encyclopedia of surfing)



Reid Miles art-director/graphic-designer for
Blue Note Records from about 1956 to 1966


Bob Dylan

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

When you’re lost in the rain in Juarez
When it’s Eastertime too
And your gravity fails
And negativity don’t pull you through
Don’t put on any airs
When you’re down on Rue Morgue Avenue
They got some hungry women there
And they really make a mess outta you

Now if you see Saint Annie
Please tell her thanks a lot
I cannot move
My fingers are all in a knot
I don’t have the strength
To get up and take another shot
And my best friend, my doctor
Won’t even say what it is I’ve got

Sweet Melinda
The peasants call her the goddess of gloom
She speaks good English
And she invites you up into her room
And you’re so kind
And careful not to go to her too soon
As she takes your voice
And leaves you howling at the moon

Up on Housing Project Hill
It’s either fortune or fame
You must pick up one or the other
Though neither of them are to be what they claim
If you’re lookin’ to get silly
You better go back to from where you came
Because the cops don’t need you
And man they expect the same

Now all the authorities
They just stand around and boast
How they blackmailed the sergeant-at-arms
Into leaving his post
And picking up Angel who
Just arrived here from the coast
Who looked so fine at first
But left looking just like a ghost

I started out on burgundy
But soon hit the harder stuff
Everybody said they’d stand behind me
When the game got rough
But the joke was on me
There was nobody even there to bluff
I’m going back to New York City
I do believe I’ve had enough

Copyright©1965 Warner Bros. Inc, Renewed by Special Rider Music



In The Midnight Hour: Wilson Pickett
Written By: Wilson Pickett and Steve Cropper

I'm gonna wait till the midnight hour
That's when my love comes tumbling down
I'm gonna wait till the midnight hour
When there's no one else around
I'm gonna take you girl and hold you
And do all the things I told you
In the midnight hour
Yes I am
Oh, Yes I am
One more thing I just want to say right here

I'm gonna wait till the stars come out
And see that twinkle in your eyes
I'm gonna wait till the midnight hour
That's when my love begins to shine
You're the only girl I know
That really loves me so
In the midnight hour
Oh Yeah...In the midnight hour
Yeah, Alright, play it for me one time now


I'm gonna wait till the midnight hour
That's when my love comes tumbling down
I'm gonna wait, way in the midnight hour
That's when my love begins to shine
Just you and I, Oh baby
Just you and I
Nobody around baby
Just you and I, Alright
I'm gonna hold you, In my arms
Just you and I
Oh Yeah...In the midnight hour.


Jenn Ski Interviews Jim Ward Morris


The absolutely fabulous Jenn Ski ask if she could post an interview with me on her blog. I said yes! Why you might ask...because she has the best eye, the best style and the best blog in the world, so why not? The interview is about Carly and Huggins and Pearl and our cool Bellingham house built in 1956 and, it is also about me.

check-it-out at:


Mies van der Rohe "less is more" the Farnsworth House


Jim Ward Morris

Jim Ward Morris BFA and MFA,
California Institute of the Arts,
Conceptual Writing, Music and Art.

Art, Music and Writing
almost-always based on
words vs stories, analog vs digital,
sympathy vs rivers of blindness,
and-or-plus progressive inspirations.

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